TRENTON — Gov. Phil Murphy has something else to be proud of when it comes New Jersey.

He applauded Ralph Lauren, the official outfitter for Team USA for choosing Clifton-based manufacturer Better Team USA to both assemble and manufacture the Opening Ceremony parka for the 2022 U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Teams.

"The opening ceremony of any Olympic and Paralympic Games attracts tens of millions of viewers in the United States and even more worldwide," Gov. Murphy said.

He added that he is proud that when fans of the Games across the world tune into the Opening Ceremonies on Feb. 4 in Beijing, they will be seeing Team USA athletes wearing Ralph Lauren parkas made right here in the Garden State.

Better Team USA is a luxury outwear manufacturing facility that has been in business for over 40 years and is a longtime partner of Ralph Lauren, including producing garments for past U.S. Olympics and Paralympic teams.

"We have been a longtime manufacturing partner of Ralph Lauren's and are once again so proud to have played a part in producing high-quality apparel that will be worn on the world's stage," Martin DiBattista, owner of Better Team USA said.

Ralph Lauren unveiled the jackets Thursday which include a smart, honeycomb-like fabric layer built in that expands or contracts in response to temperature changes, all without the use of battery or wired technology.

Female American athletes will start the games wearing red boots and red fleece pants with navy jackets. Then men will mostly wear white. Both will also wear navy knit beanies and they'll get the large bonus pouch on the front of their jackets to accompany roomy side pockets and graphic touches on the sleeves.

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