There are certain arguments that simply can’t be won. What came first the chicken or the egg, nature versus nurture, LeBron versus Jordan and your favorite Jersey Shore pizza place against mine.

I don’t really mean you versus me in regards to that because frankly I don’t know that I have a favorite because when it comes to pizza there are some many great choices right in our own backyard.

There’s basically a pizza place on just about every corner and most of them do pretty well.  Many of the truly iconic places in Ocean and Monmouth County are family owned and operated and while many restaurants come and go good pizza places stick around.

I thought out this topic last night after finally trying a place I had heard so much about and it did not disappoint.  Denino’s South Pizzeria has been on Mantoloking Road in Brick since 2010 and is the second family location, the original has been in the same spot on Richmond Avenue in Staten Island since 1937 and is pretty famous.

Denino’s features their version of thin-crust pizza (by the way that’s another argument, thin crust versus thick crust). Anyway we ordered both Denino’s M.O.R. Pie (Meatball, Onions, Ricotta) and the Clam Pie (Fresh Garlic, Parsley & Olive Oil).  They were both delicious and no doubt we’ll be back again.

However for pizza lovers we have so many choices and it’s a matter of personal taste.  If I’m on the boardwalk in Seaside I can choose from Three Brothers, the Sawmill or Maruca’s where they make tomato pies.  Go off the boards and I’m headed to Klee’s for their thin-crust pizza.  If we are out and about there’s plenty of choices. Pete & Elda’s (Neptune), Federici’s (Freehold), Vic’s (Bradley Beach), Porta (Asbury Park), Nino’s (Brick).  Closer to home and I like Capone’s, Mangia, Al’s, Café Italia, Shady Rest and right where I live in Beachwood there’s Pies on Nine which just opened about a year ago and is very good.  And I know I have forgotten many others which I’ll think of later…probably while eating a slice.

Bottom line: if you crave pizza then there’s no shortage of great choices and I’m sure your favorite is every bit as good as mine.  Do you want to argue about that?



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