Do you know what numerology is? I didn't but about 10 years ago I kept seeing the numbers 1111 or 11 EVERYWHERE. It was like those numbers were being shouted at me. I would see 111 emails waiting for me or my table number for an event would be 11...I would randomly wake up at 11:11 and look at the clock and the same thing at 1:11. It happened so much for so long that I googled "seeing the same number over and over 11" and hundreds of stories just like mine unfolded. As I read more, I learned about this language experts say our guides use to steer us in the right direction. In my case, the series of 11s meant for me to stay positive and decide what it is that I really want. In other words, the universe was asking for my order like in a restaurant and I needed to choose. I started visualizing the end result of the outcome I wanted and it came to me very quickly.  Now I'm not saying this is a magic spell but I think there is something going on here. About 3 months ago I started seeing 555 everywhere. That number represents big change, trusting your choices, and a reminder to stay confident; that was exactly when I was offered the opportunity to come and work at 94.3 The Point. I have a list of numbers and their meanings below.  Keep in mind, these are just snippets of the meanings and if you research further you'll find more in depth explanations. Scroll through and see if your numbers line up with the season of life you are in!

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Angel Number 1
Stay positive, you are about to succeed if you can envision it. You'll frequently see the angel number 1 when it's the right time in your life to begin a new venture or shift to a new career, do it. Stay positive, and forge ahead with bravery!

Angel Number 2
Your guides will send you the number 2 to tell you that this is a time for self-reflection.  You need to be still, decide what direction you will take after careful thought.  2 also indicates that you may be under pressure from other people, but you need to trust YOUR instincts.

Angel Number 3
Repeatedly seeing the number 3 tells you that you're holding need to take this time to take on that large project. This number represents personal growth.

Angel Number 4
The number 4 reminds you that it's vital to take care of the core things in your life. Are you practicing enough self-care? Are you making enough time to sustain relationships? Are you overwhelmed? If you keep seeing angel signs related to 4, something is being neglected.

Angel Number 5
Seeing the number 5 is all about the need for change. If you are in a rut you may be seeing 5s...your guide is telling you a chance for an exciting change is coming and you should take it.

Angel Number 6
6 is all about work-life balance. Be aware you may be spending too much time working and not enough time nourishing your family unit.

Angel Number 7
Guides show you 7 when it is in your best interest to make time for quiet and rest. If you have a chance to take a vacation or just spend time relaxing you should do it. You'll feel restored, and your vibration will strengthen.

Angel Number 8
8 represents a time of challenge and difficulty. When you see 8, the angels are reassuring you that this too shall pass.  Better times are coming and you are not alone. You have to learn from this time but you are guided nonetheless.

Angel Number 9
9 represents compassion. This can apply to yourself and to others. If you are judging yourself too harshly, or if you are falling short in the area of listening to others and being there for them you'll see this number.  Seeing number 9 tells you that compassion is urgently needed.

Angel Number 0
0 represents infinity. It will sometimes be seen when you're being most authentic if you see this number, keep doing what you are are living your life's purpose.

Angel Number Sequences

Now imagine a message is meant for you and you are getting it though a number sentence.  That's what numerology really may see a combination of numbers often and they are be decoded this way:

Angel Numbers 11, 111 & 1111
The more 1111s you see the stronger the message is to share your gift, tap into your deep well of inspiration, and share this with the world on a grand scale. Your gut is extremely reliable now so go with it!  You are very powerful right now, use it to help others.

Angel Numbers 22, 222 & 2222
Angel numbers 222, 2222 and 22 are all connected to turning your ideas into reality. So, if you've been putting together a plan get ready to put it into action. Don't wait.  Also, don't give up on something that you wanted...your persistence is about to be rewarded.

Angel Numbers 33, 333 & 3333
In terms of meaning, number 333 (along with 33 and 3333) Open up to the one you love. Enable increased communication and think of what might be holding you back. Go for those big projects too!

Angel Numbers 44, 444 & 4444
Seeing any combinations of 4s are indications that you are being tested by the universe. You are being called to show and use your strength, and to persist regardless of roadblocks that may come up.  This is a message that major challenges are coming and you need to prepare.  Your test has deep meaning but you'll need to fortify yourself.

Angel Numbers 55, 555 & 5555
Angel numbers 555, 55 and 5555 are liable to crop up when your soul needs positive change. It might be time to start a new job, move or shift gears. If you make a move to change you'll be on the right track.  Change is scary but it will open you up to limitless positivity.
When you see 66, 666 or 666, you are in need of a self-esteem boost. Examine the boundaries in your life. Focus on a work/family balance but don't let anyone tell you what to decide, it is your path and your intuition will guide your best outcome.  Invest your time and energy to the things and people you truly love.
Repeating numbers 777, 77 and 7777 Time to re-examine what you really want in life. You may have outgrown some things.  You are holding yourself back from being your happiest self and from some excitement. You need to raise your vibration and do things that serve your highest self.

Angel Numbers 88, 888 & 8888 When you see angel numbers 88, 888 or 8888, stop and consider if you should keep taking on other's problems. You are probably stretching yourself too thin, think of all of your commitments. Then, learn to say no.

Angel Numbers 99, 999, & 9999 come up when there is a loss, but it is gently reminding you that it's important to let go of the past, especially if it comes with sadness, resentment or anger. Consider how you might be able to break free from people in your life that have caused you pain.

Angel Numbers 00, 000 & 0000
You'll see this when something in your life has come full circle, bringing you to a point at which a new beginning is both likely and beneficial.  Keep doing what you are doing. You are spiritually aware and you are in your place of highest intuition.

I know I can use all the help I can get! The more you notice the signs and express your thanks the more you'll see them. Don't even get me started on license plates...that's for another post.

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