I can't believe anyone would think it's a good idea to open a bar that is themed after a national tragedy.

Today, when scrolling through our website, I noticed this article from Lauren Moyer about bar9eleven that opened in Forth Worth, Texas. I was immediately appalled when I saw that this bar is literally themed after 9/11.

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First of all, how disgusting is it that there's a picture of the moment the plane hit the towers? That picture is triggering for so many people - and hanging it on the walls of a bar, where good times are meant to be had, is nothing but insensitive.

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The owner of the bar is named Brent Johnson. And in the article, he explained that his vision was for it was to serve as a reminder for patrons to never forget that terrible day since sadly many have. But as the kids say: "Bro. This ain't it."

Mr. Johnson, if you really wanted to memorialize 9/11, a museum would have been a better option. As someone who was living on Staten Island on the day of those horrible attacks, and went to school with kids whose lives were forever changed when their parents and relatives never returned home, I can't imagine how you could seriously think this was a good concept. It's making a mockery of such a serious matter.

New Jersey is obviously close to NYC, and there's a good chance most of us living here either know someone who was affected by 9/11 or have a second or third connection who was. I am pleading with you, Mr. Johnson to rethink the theme of this horridly insensitive bar. I can promise you that nobody wants to be guzzling down beers and stuffing their face with bar food while they're surrounded by such awful reminders of one of the worst attacks on our country.

H/T: Lauren Moyer, Townsquare Media

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