For many the long holiday weekend is over and while tough to get back to work today the prospect of a short work-week is certainly inviting.

It was an amazing weekend weather-wise with as nice a 4th of July holiday that I can remember and it was capped off by dazzling fireworks displays from around the area, highlighted by Beachwood’s 77th annual extravaganza on the Toms River.  As always that spectacular was enjoyed by tens of thousands on land and on the sea and if you did enjoy them it’s not too late to make a donation of any kind to insure there is a 78th annual.  Simply check out the Beachwood Fireworks page at to see how you can help.

Things are expected to be back to normal after our fearless leaders finally agreed on a state budget which in the end was simply a game of political football with no real winner, including the general public.

Of course the picture that will remain in everyone’s mind is the one of Governor Christie and his family enjoying life on their private beach at Island Beach State Park which of course was closed to the public as part of the three-day shutdown ordered by the Governor.  We’ve all likely heard the arrogant comments from Christie about his use of the beach and clearly are not surprised.

He reportedly told some colleagues that he knew the public would condemn him for his beach usage but he really did not care.  After all his approval rating is only 15% so how far could it drop?

I will admit that for a good part of his more than 7 years in office I was not a Christie hater (yes I know hate is a word we should not use).  There were things he said and did that I supported and I do admire his proactive stance in the war against drugs even if it might be an ego trip as much as anything else.

However with that said the fact that he and his family did not cancel their weekend getaway and suffer the same inconvenience as many other New Jerseyans is the icing on the cake for someone who does not lead by example but rather by arrogance and bullying.  For most of us January can’t come soon enough when he leaves office.

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