American Airlines, like most airlines have seen a decline in passengers this past year because of the pandemic. Because of this decline, and the fact that alcohol sales have been banned in some cabins so help stop the spread of COVID-19, many airlines including American Airlines have a lot of alcohol leftover. CNN reports, American Airlines is now offering the sales of their wine to the public because they have an abundance. It's super easy to order their Flagship Cellars wine online and prices start at just $13 per bottle. There are even more expensive wine and champagne packs you can purchase and yes, they will all be delivered to your door. They offer a wine subscription at $99 a month and if you're an American Airlines AAdvantage Miles member, you'll even 2 miles per dollar spent.

I am definitely not a beer girl. I liked mixed drinks, hard seltzers and of wine. I love visiting wineries and hanging out for the day, I love wine festivals, wine tastings and just relaxing on the couch with a glass of it. I definitely have a few New Jersey wineries that I love to go to often and if I can't visit them, I try to buy their wines in local liquor stores so I can still have my favorite wines. I remember in the beginning of the pandemic, it was a few months after I had my son, and I was breastfeeding still, so I wasn't hitting the wine bottles too hard. Once I was done breastfeeding, I definitely needed some wine. I wanted to do a wine delivery service, but they were all so backed up with orders and some were expensive. So my husband was my savior and went to the liquor store for us and got us what we needed. I still think this American Airlines wine delivery will do well though. It's good they thought of this instead of just getting rid of the wine. That would be a terrible thing.


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