The days of going to the store to shop for things in-person are slowly but surely falling through our fingers.

With online shopping and curbside pick-up, it has got me wondering how long it will take for physical stores to become obsolete.

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This new opening is one step closer to just that if you ask me.

Amazon recently announced their newest business venture and it is called Amazon Fresh.

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According to their website, "Amazon Fresh is an online and physical grocery store. We offer low prices on everyday favorites, plus free same-day delivery and pickup in select locations for Prime members."

There are two rumored Jersey Shore locations set to open but more on this in a second.

First, I need to tell you what these new grocery stores of the future are all about.

There are a few shopping options:

The first is the traditional way. Grab a shopping cart, zig zag through the store and check out with a cashier at the end.

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There are two options that allow you to "Just Walk Out."

The first option is to, "Scan the QR code in your Amazon App, use Amazon One, or connect your Amazon account or credit card to bypass the checkout line at the start of your shopping journey."

Sounds quick and promising.

I have to say, I am more impressed by the second option.

It is similar because you "Skip the Checkout Line" but the technology is stuff I have never heard of or seen before.

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You would use Amazon Dash Cart which starts the same way.  You, "scan the QR code in your Amazon app to sign in and begin shopping."

It is the shopping cart, however, that identifies items you put in and take out of your cart as you shop. Once you, "exit through the Amazon Dash Cart Lane, payment is processed."

The shopping cart would be my cashier?! That is kind of impressive but also has me suspicious of being incorrectly charged.

You will have to opportunities to try this new system at two Jersey Shore locations according to and

Shopping cart in the supermarket

The first location will be where the former Toys R Us was on Route 35 in Eatontown. Good news because this space has been unoccupied for quite some time.

The second will be opening at Holmdel Commons.

No word on official opening dates just yet but are you open to trying this new system?

I would say everyone should try it at least once and then we can all compare notes and go from there.

I'm hopeful. But relying on a shopping cart to do the work might result in errors and problems.

But let's keep the glass half full for now.

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