There are so many houses that make the lists of different towns that are beautifully decorated.

This year, more than others, so many people have their Christmas lights out and I love it so much. I feel the Christmas spirit so much this year.

I want you to check this house out in Toms River. My family and I check it out every year and every year it gets better and better. It's truly Christmas cheer and it will make you smile.

The Address: Corner of Salem and Hazelwood Drive in Toms river off of Fischer Blvd. Their lights are up and ready to go from 4 pm - 9 pm during the week and on weekends, 4-10 pm. *Weather permitting.

It is the Febus Christmas Spectacular. It is amazing and it is spectacular to look at and drive-by. For our enjoyment, they must spend hours putting all the lights up, it's just amazing.

Some neighbors and friends do not have their Christmas lights out yet, it's OK. You'll get around to it or maybe not this year. That's why these houses that are decorated I love telling you about in the hopes you and your family will be just as amazed as me. We put lights outside and decorations but nothing like this house and many others in our area. I just can't say it enough, "Thank you" for the Christmas cheer you bring to so many.

I've seen more and more Christmas lights already this year. It's simply amazing. I love it. Enjoy this house full of cheer.

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