It's amazing how much some places change in 15 years and it's equally as amazing how some others stay the same. Wait until you see some pretty cool examples of both in our look at Asbury Park in photos then and now 

I have been in love with the city of Asbury Park for as long as I can remember. Even back in the days of the late 1980s when it wasn't having its best years. I remember driving through town, peering at the boardwalk, and the old Howard Johnson's and pulling over just to stare at Convention Hall.

I knew about the history of these amazing places, I knew the legends who stepped through the Hall doors. I was aware of the celebrities who spent the night at the Berkeley-Carteret Hotel just across the road the night before the big show.

It has always been a very romantic place for me. It's one of the great beach towns of all time and home to the birth of some of the greatest music and art this Earth has ever seen.

No one is more thrilled with the meteoric rise of this great city than I am. Even to this day, I wonder what it must have been like to walk along the very same boardwalk we stroll today just 100 years ago when this town was in its first heydey.

So, please enjoy a few awesome examples of how time changes some places, while for other places, it looks like time has just stood still.


The Amazing Asbury Park - Then And Now

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