This is really cool and it's right here in Ocean County.

Check this out, this sits on the corner of 800 Asbury Avenue in Ocean Gate. Beautiful, Ocean Gate, who knew? It's part of the Ocean Gate Museum.

The Ocean Gate Historical Society owns the Railroad Station since 1990 and put it in its present location, in Ocean Gate. It's a two-room Railroad Station, can you imagine? What a cool school trip this would be.

google maps
google maps

The 1909 Railroad Station has been restored as closely as could be to its original appearance. There's a lot of history in there.

This picture shows both the Railroad Car and Railroad Station in Ocean Gate.

Here's a little history for you. "Good Luck Point" was known as Ocean Gate when the Pennsylvania Railroad cut a single track across a farm and meadowlands, once owned by Captain Caleb Grant. A different train would pass through then "Good Luck Point" on their way to the beach in Seaside Park and Bay Head. In late 1909 passengers of the plane would begin building their summer cottages here at "Good Luck Point." Very soon after passengers started to build their cottages a church and a school were built. A post office and businesses began. And utilities were installed and by 1918, "HELLO" Ocean Gate.

When you stop in to see this piece of history, there's the original ticket counter, old station lamps, some railroad memorabilia, some maps and chars, and local tools used by many local tradesmen at the turn of the century.

You can also see wardrobes when passengers from Philadelphia brought what they wore to their country cottages. Tours are self-guided and available for groups of all ages.

The Railroad Station holds not groups bigger than 10-20 people. Several groups can go in a time.

It is FREE to check out but please donate to the Ocean Gate Historical Society.

To check out this very cool Railroad Station in Ocean Gate, hours begin once again in May and go through September. Mainly Saturdays 10 am - noon. Group appointments, such as girl or boy scout troops and schools can contact for other hours and off-season groups by appointment. Click here for more information.

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