Anthony and Frank Storino, the owners of Jenkinson's Boardwalk, tried to get some of the town's beach rules changed....and they were denied.

So I want to see how you feel about the ruling because I am currently on the fence.

Here are the changes they were hoping for:

The Storinos were trying to reverse a town ordinance so that visitors would be allowed to drink alcoholic beverages on their privately owned beach.

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In addition, they wanted to get rid of the ban on coolers larger than 13 inches wide. The larger the cooler, the easier it is to hide forbidden items.

Jenkinson's employees also need to be at least 18 years old before part of their duties include checking for alcohol and other substances.

They also were hoping that local law enforcement would not be allowed to patrol their section of the beach.

Why the new 2020 ordinance was passed: 

You remember that massive party with thousands of rowdy folks that broke out in Point Pleasant?

Cops of neighboring towns were called to help control the chaos and there was litter, public urination and marijuana smoking everywhere.

Two people were also stabbed at Jenkinson's a few months after this party went down.

“Jenkinson’s was asserting that we as a borough did not have the ability to set any rules on our beaches,” said Mayor Paul Kanitra. “It’s not Spring Break USA, and we’re not going to allow any entity to change the rules in favor of themselves. We’re trying to keep Point Pleasant Beach a family-friendly destination.”

 Why I understand the ruling:

I remember seeing footage of that massive party in Point Pleasant and things were out of control.
If you allow people to openly drink on the Jenkinson's beach, it is going to attract the same type of crowd.
Don't get me my eyes, all are welcome at the Jersey Shore.
But we have to make sure our expectations are made clear: be respectful, clean up after yourself and maybe don't urinate in public?
If you start becoming lenient with the rules, that precedent could easily fall by the wayside.
Why I disagree with the ruling: 
The goal is to remain "family friendly" but there are moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles and who love to enjoy a few cocktails on the beach.
There is a healthy way to legally incorporate alcohol into the beach life without people losing their minds.
Plus, should one massive party that mainly consisted of visitors determine the town's rules as a whole?
Jenkinson's also has their own security in and around their bars so I don't understand why the town thinks that they need local law enforcement present as well.
And if you see someone getting out of hand, that is what security is for.
So I see both sides and now it is time that I ask you:
Do You Agree With This Ruling?
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