Every state has its own tales of urban legends. New Jersey is most famous for the legend of The Jersey Devil.  That monster-like creature that lives in the Pinelands of Jersey also inspired 6 Flags Great Adventure to build a roller coaster.

But I digress.

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According to OnlyInOurState.com, there are several folklores, about which you may not have learned.  One legend not on that list as you read on is the Wall Township Dragon.  Yeah, I never heard of it either.

Local artist Robbin Reggiero, recently gained notoriety with her works of art by the Wall Township Environmental Advisory Committee.  WTEAC was introduced to Reggiero’s work in Allaire State Park.  She created bone-like structures of dinosaurs using the branches, trunks, and limbs of the fallen trees in the nearby woods.  Reggieros newest art formation, a dragon named Annabelle, was the product of a project created by WTEAC aimed to shed light on the committee’s environmental initiatives.

Rich DeSisto

I was just hiking through Allair State Park this past weekend.  I wish I came across the dinos myself!

In her press release, Reggiero said,

"I wanted to promote the committee's environmental efforts, and I wanted to do it for the Wall Township community.  I have had the good fortune and opportunity of creating the dinosaurs in Wall Township and now a dragon for the WTEAC and the Wall municipality."

Reggiero chose to erect her new offering on the self-guided nature trail at Community Park. Surprisingly, a little after a weeks’ time, Reggiero was ready to unveil Annabelle to the world.

Wall Township Environmental Advisory Committee

She is proudly displayed on the nature trails 10th and 11th stops.   Not too worry, Annabelle will get her due.  An official dedication ceremony is planned according to WTEAC Chairwoman Wilma Morrissey.

I know I’ve had you on the edge of your seat.  In no particular order, here is a list of a few other notable urban legends in New Jersey.

Two-headed snake (Herpetological Associates)

Woodbridge Cemetery Snake

This legend has been around since 1896.  Don’t look at the snake’s eyes or else.


Hotel Hauntings - Ocean City

The ghosts of Flander's Hotel

Shawn Michaels

The Toms River Terror

Less than a decade ago this legend was born out of the terror one family faced after purchasing a home.  Weird noises and occurrences began to take place with no explanation.

Photo by Lena De Fanti on Unsplash

Captain Kidd's Jersey Shore Stash

Legend has it that Capt Kidd's jewels are buried at Treasure Lake in Cliffwood Beach


Newark's Ghost Train - Broad Street Station Newark
If you are at the Broad Street Station on the 10th of the month, you’ll see it pass through the station.


Atco Ghost - Pine Barrens

Beep your car horn 3 times on Burnt Mill Road in the Pine Barrens and it appears.

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