I’ve gotten very bad when it comes to remembering when things took place although I clearly recall my beloved Baltimore Colts losing Super Bowl III to the Jets on January 12, 1969 and getting married on July 25, 1981. Don’t get the impression there is any connection between the two…one was a very good thing and the other not so good.

I say this because I have no idea what year it was that I decided to get a pedicure for the express purpose of doing a Hometown View segment on the experience.  There is no audio or written copy of this but I do know it took place at Simply Skin in Toms River which is now out of business.  By the way I loved it and really don’t know why I never went back.

I say this because I’ve been badly in need of getting a pedicure and did not want to go to the same place as my wife.  So I posted something on Facebook last weekend and had a decent number of people direct me to Salon Allure, mainly because many of the women who used to work at Simply Skin are all working there.  It’s on Route 37 in Toms River, about a half-mile west of Fischer Boulevard between Atlantic Plumbing Supply and Café Italia and I have probably gone by there a 1,000 times and never even knew it existed.

Fortunately many people do and I was able to make contact with Carol who scheduled an appointment with me yesterday afternoon.  Wow was it relaxing and soothing and my feet have not looked this good in years…I felt somewhat proud when Carol said they are in pretty good shape. Maybe it’s all those years of walking in the sand on the beach.

Carol was great!
Carol was great!

Anyway I’m figuring it was somewhere around 15 years ago when I had my first pedicure and now that I’ve had a second I’ll do this a bit more often….maybe once or twice a year?


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