A reportedly aggressive pitbull suffered a gunshot wound by a Lakewood Police Officer on Monday in the Pine Acres Estates.

Lakewood Police said Officers were dispatched in reference to a dog that was running loose in the area around 11:45 am.

They saw a pitbull running east on Erica Road when they arrived and were able to get ahead and attempted to approach the dog in the area.

An officer reported that the dog was acting aggressively towards him as well as a nearby Golden Retriever who was sitting on a neighboring porch.

As the pitbull became more aggressive, the golden retriever ran from the porch, through an open gate to a chain link fence and continued into the backyard.

The officer said that he feared that the pitbull may attempt to cause harm to the other dog, so he attempted to close the open gate but the pitbull turned his aggression towards him.

He attempted to create a barrier between the dog and himself by retreating to the other side of his patrol car.

The pitbull ensued and began to close the gap while growling and snarling at the officer.

The officer then retrieved his weapon and fired one round at the dog.

The dog who suffered a gunshot wound, ran to a neighboring yard awaiting transport to a nearby veterinary hospital.

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