Another summer has come and gone. Another Mets season has come and gone. Here’s an amateur medical report on the Mets 2019.

Let’s take a look at the physical toll being a Mets fan may have taken on you this season...

Blood pressure...up most of the season, approximate number of games that put it through the roof? Somewhere between 24 and 30.

Nausea...almost constant over the entire season with more severe waves late in most games.

Tension headaches...each day for most of the first half of the season and on and off in the second half.

Heart rate. High most of the season and rarely for the good reasons.

Heart warming...two big heartwarming story lines. Pete Alonso breaks the all time rookie home run record. And Jacob deGrom’s potential second straight CybYoung award season.

Motto for this season...'we’ll get em next year'.

Motto for last season...'we’ll get me next year'.

Motto for next season...'we may never get em'.

Don’t worry Mets fans. If winning was our only priority, we’d be Yankees fans.

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