QUEENS, New York — An actor was arrested Monday for making a bomb threat while he claimed to be on board an Amtrak train through New Jersey in March

Todd "T.J." Miller, 36, told a New Jersey 911 dispatcher he was on board a Northeast Corridor train from Washington to New York, and called 911 to report a female passenger "had a bomb in her bag," according to a criminal complaint by John H. Durham, United States Attorney for the District of Connecticut. The train was evacuated and searched by a bomb squad when it reached Westport, Connecticut, where no evidence of a bomb was found.

The actor and comedian, who played Erlich Bachman on HBO's "Silicon Valley" series, was arrested at LaGuardia Airport in Queens on Monday night, according to Dunham, and charged with intentionally conveying to law enforcement false information. He was released on $100,000 bond.

According to the complaint, the dispatcher noted that Miller's speech was slurred during the call, and asked if he had been drinking or suffered from mental illness. Miller told the dispatcher he had a glass of red wine. He denied any mental issues and told the dispatcher, "This is the first time I’ve ever made a call like this before. I am worried for everyone on that train. Someone has to check that lady out.”

An attendant from the first-class car said that Miller appeared intoxicated and had several drinks during the trip, according to the complaint, and was taken off the train in New York because he was intoxicated. He also had "hostile exchanges" with a woman sitting in a different row in the car, and investigators believe that the call to 911 was motivated by a grudge against the woman.

Investigators also determined Miller gave the wrong train number to the dispatcher and was not in view of the woman while sitting down.

Miller is scheuled to perform this weekend at the Helium Comedy Club in Philadelphia starting Thursday night.

Miller was also the voice of Tuffnut in the "How To Train Your Dragon" movies and played Weasel in the "Deadpool" movie.

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