Do you remember when all we could talk about at the Jersey Shore were those creepy clinging jellyfish. It seemed like they were in the news every day. If you frequented the waters of the Jersey Shore, especially the Barnegat Bay, you were very familiar with the clinging jellyfish. So what's the latest on these slimy little guys?

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We wanted to know, so we reached our to our friend Claire Antonucci, who spent years with New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium, and still enlightens us on the amazing happenings in the waters of the Jersey Shore.

Claire reached out to a man known as Dr. Jellyfish and is considered to be New Jersey's jellyfish expert, Dr. Paul Bologna , Professor of Biology at Montclair State University. If anyone knows the latest on clinging jellyfish, it's well, Dr. Jellyfish.

Here's what Dr. Bologna had to say to Claire about clinging jellyfish at the Jersey Shore this summer,as well as some other creatures we should take note of...

So for the clingers, it was not too bad of a year. We found them in some new places like the Forked River, but we did not hear about any stings and they were mostly gone by July when the water got warm. The big thing this summer was the salps for NJ. In RI they were inundated with Portguguese Man o war. With Henri, I am expecting that we may see some tropicals along the coast in the next week.


Wait, did he say Man O' War in Rhode Island? That's sounds way too close for me. Anyway, it's comforting to hear that the clinging jellyfish weren't the nuisance around here this year that they once were. Maybe that trend will continue.

Remember the good old clinging jellyfish map. Here's an updated one of those if you want to double check for yourself. And you can check out the clinging jellyfish facts provided by the NJDEP as well.

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