You may or may not have noticed that I was not here on Monday.  With the exception of Memorial Day, which was a holiday, it was my first day off from work since the world as we know it changed dramatically back in March.

I guess I should consider myself lucky because many others have had unwanted time off from their jobs. I took the day off to spend it on the beach with my family which now includes 1-year old Carter James Williams who loves crawling in the sand and up to this point has not put any of it in his mouth.

The beach has been simply spectacular the past few days with a cool southeast breeze making for ideal conditions and the water is warming up to the point where at least many of us have no problems taking a dip or two.

While many local restaurants continue to work on how best to maximize outdoor dining options Gov. Murphy announced Monday that indoor dining can begin again on July 2nd but restaurants will be limited to 25% of their capacity.  While it’s at least a step in the right direction it is a small step for many especially if they don’t have the ability to also serve customers outdoors.

However anything that gives a boost to the challenged restaurant industry has to be viewed as a positive and those who depend on the summer tourism season need all the help they can get.

Took a walk on the boardwalk in Seaside Heights last night and two things you don’t see a lot of are masks and social distancing.  Only time will tell if that becomes a big problem for us.

Baseball is apparently on its way back with the commissioner and owners set to impose a 60-game schedule that could have the players back in spring training next week and the season start around July 24th.  Of course with the distain the two sides have for one another don’t be shocked if something sets things back.

Fresh off his riveting rally in Oklahoma over the weekend President Trump takes his road show to Arizona today where he’ll speak at a “Students for Trump” rally at the 3,000 seat Dream City Church.  Arizona has seen a spike in positive Covid-19 cases of late and Phoenix, which is where the rally will take place, now requires masks be worn in public spaces.



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