HOLMDEL — As businesses welcome their employees back to the workplace amid the lingering coronavirus pandemic, there's a lot of uncertainty surrounding what type of setup will exactly work for teams.

Will workers be expected to show up five days a week, or want to? Should workspaces be set up right next to each other, or should the office be wide open and only exist to host collaboration sessions?

A 72,000-square-foot project now under construction at Bell Works, a live-work-play development in Monmouth County, aims to give businesses and enterprises the flexibility they may need in a world attempting to recover from the COVID-19 threat.

"Technology was already changing the way the office is, and these changes were almost inevitable. But the pandemic has accelerated those changes," said Ralph Zucker, president of Somerset Development, which announced plans for "Campus" is late July.

Companies are finding that people get a lot of work done at home, Zucker said. For many jobs today, you don't necessarily need to come to the office to "work," he added — you come to collaborate and get inspired.

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Rendering of Campus at Bell Works in Holmdel (Somerset Development)
Rendering of Campus at Bell Works in Holmdel (Somerset Development)

The 10 workspaces will be fully furnished and fully wired, and offer businesses the ability to take on both small and large footprints. Each space, Zucker said, can be seamlessly connected with the neighboring space.

"We're also giving flexibility in lease terms, so that companies don't have to look 10 to 15 years in the future," Zucker said. "It gives them the ability to let things play out."

Some tenants are already signed up for Campus, Zucker said. The first Campus offices are expected to open in the fourth quarter of 2021.

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