I have to admit to being rather surprised when I read and then saw that people, many of them, pretty much camped out overnight in order to make sure they got into the Wildwood Convention Center Tuesday for the rally for President Trump.

Others spent most of the day in long and I mean long lines with the hope that they would be among those to get inside the building.

It brought me back to our one (and to this point) only family vacation to Disney World where waiting in lines is what you do for just about everything.  I really shouldn’t call it a vacation but rather a trip. You need a vacation afterwards to relax.

My problem is I simply can’t do lines as it just does not work for me.  I lose it rather quickly and it’s worse for those waiting with me because I’ll pretty much drive them crazy.

So it got me thinking as to what is worth waiting in line for and in some cases doing that for many hours.  We have all seen pictures of those who line up well in advance for Black Friday deals and then go racing though a store often pushing and shoving others to grab that discounted TV.  Nuts!

It seems that many are willing to wait in line for food-related things from a popular new restaurant to in some cases a unique item. I know of people who waited hours for cronuts a few years back. I mean we’re talking a combination croissant and donut!  Waiting more than an hour at a restaurant is torturous unless you can find a seat at the bar.

When you are young you might have waited in line for concert tickets but once you get to a certain age that goes out the window.  So does general admission tickets to anything where you have to wait hours to get a decent seat.

I look at it this way.  There are times when you have no choice but to wait in line like at an airport or trying to get in the rest room at halftime of a Penn State football game.

However those come with no option which is why there is nobody or nothing that I can think of that would willingly result in me camping out overnight or spending most of the day in a line for.

That’s just me but we are all different.


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