I have talked in the past about how there are days when I simply struggle to fill this segment which I have been doing for about 24 years.

It bothers me that not only don’t I have the first “Hometown View” but most of the other 5,500 or so I have done over nearly a quarter of a century.  At some point early on I began saving copies of the written script and then for a reason I can’t explain threw them away like old baseball cards, Now all I have is ones from the past few years and a few others from along the way.

It’s not filling space that’s the problem as much as in these politically-sensitive times expressing opinions that don’t tick off too many people.  Yes I have strong opinions but today more than ever if people don’t like what you say they go on the attack, sometimes even personally, and frankly I don’t have the stomach for that.  So I have vowed to stay away from most issues that simply divide because there is just nothing to gain.

That of course removes much of what you’ll watch on the local news or read on social media and when you combine politics and impeachment with all the aspects of COVID-19 it really doesn’t leave much.  It used to be that a few days before the Super Bowl you could at least talk about that but frankly I find less interest in this Sunday’s game than ever before.  With that said I will talk about it on Friday and make my annual prediction which means nothing.

Nothing is pretty much how I feel right now. Yes most of us in Ocean County dodged a bullet with the recent snowstorm which might be a record-breaker in other parts of New Jersey.  It looks like we’ll miss another one late in the weekend but winter is here and the next couple of weeks will likely be dominated by cold weather.

Bottom line is today is just one of those days when I have little to offer and I’m sure you can relate. We all go through these stretches.  Of course mine has to end because you can’t have back-to-back days of nothing so I’ll have to come up with something for Thursday.

Thanks for bearing with me. Have a nice day.

NJ snowfall totals for Jan. 31-Feb. 2 storm

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