Memorial Day weekend means different things to different people and as far as I’m concerned that okay.

The weekend itself is the unofficial start of summer at the Jersey Shore and that is something we should celebrate.  I see nothing wrong with wishing someone a “Happy Memorial Day Weekend” when it’s clearly being said along the same vein as “Happy Summer” which by the way does not officially arrive for another 27 days.

I am among the many and I do mean many who live for the 14 weeks that fall between now and Labor Day weekend because it’s what makes winter and even the lousy spring we just had bearable.

But of course Memorial Day itself is quite different and not a day we would use the word “Happy” in any way shape or form.  While it is a holiday it is not a day we “celebrate” but rather observe as a tribute to the men and women who paid the ultimate price in service to our country.

I do believe in recent years there has been greater awareness and attention paid to those who serve and unfortunately part of that is because lives are still being lost around the world by members of our military.

However I also feel there is a greater sense of appreciation for all the sacrifices made by soldiers past and present especially those who fought in World War II, a shrinking fraternity and among the greatest heroes of any generation.  We are not far from the time when there will be no survivors left from a war that clearly changed the course of history.

What I do find interesting is the confusion by school-age students who do not know the difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day.  The latter celebrates the service of all United States military veterans while the former is a day of remembrance for lives lost way young.

So on Monday when you’re enjoying a day off or maybe a barbeque take a moment to remember we can do that because of the sacrifices made by others.


Happy Memorial Day Weekend and may it be a safe one.

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