Exciting news for anyone that's ever looked up at the night sky and wanted a closer look.  A family-friendly and popular attraction gloriously returns this weekend.

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Wonders of Summer Picture Credit: Ocean County College
Wonders of Summer Picture Credit: Ocean County College

If you've never been to Ocean County College's Robert J. Novins Planetarium, it's amazing.  As they explain, "the Novins Planetarium is a gateway to learning about our earth, the solar system, and beyond."  They also have programs for schools, camps, host birthday parties, and so much more.  After roughly a year, they're re-opening this weekend!

They're taking some precautionary health measures, but a lot of fun stuff is already happening.  Here are some of the festivities this weekend:

  • Stars in My Backyard: A Sky Talk For Kids
  • Secret of the Cardboard Rocket
  • Wonders of the Seasonal Sky

There are also on-demand virtual events for the summer:

    • Virtual Stars in My Backyard
    • Virtual Wonders of the Summer Sky

The planetarium is taking health very seriously. To find out about the new policies, the programs, and buy tickets click here.

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