I have nothing for you today but since I have an obligation to fill about 120 seconds here are some random thoughts in no order of importance:

  • Do you think Bob Costas dyes his hair? Nobody should like that young at the age of 64.
  • I feel like every year I get older summer gets shorter by a day. If I live long enough my summers will feel the same as for those who live in Alaska.
  • If you’re a beach goer you have no doubt noticed that flies have been a real problem the last couple of weeks due to the presence of westerly winds.  My wife posed this question on Facebook the other day after being chased off the bench by those nasty buggers.  “Why can we put men on the moon with ease but can’t come up with a formula to keep flies from biting you on the beach.”  It’s a good question because we have tried all of the supposed methods and remedies from sprays to putting dryer sheets in your pockets and none of them work.  Our government spends billions on stupid things…how about tackling this problem?
  • This thing with Ryan Lochte and three other American swimmers does not look good. Lochte has already admitted he exaggerated the part about having a gun put to his head and Brazilian officials are casting doubt that they were even robbed.  You have not heard the last of this.
  • By the way…swimming is my favorite part of the Olympics. Just sayin'!
  • I root for the red, white and blue but if the U.S. Men’s Basketball team does not win the gold I frankly won’t care.
  • Do you think Bob Costas has had any “work” done on his face? Nobody should look that young at the age of 64.

I need a day off. Going to take one tomorrow.  See you Monday!


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