A little of this and a little following a Halloween weekend in which we had many trick or treaters and they had to be the nicest group I ever remember.

Little kids and even the bigger ones displayed manners and appreciation and parents walking them around seemed to be just happy their children had a Halloween this year.

  • Most area schools are closed for this week, partly for the NJEA Convention which like just about everything else will be virtual. Schools that are taking the entire week off also cite Election Day but in truth this is a fall break that everyone needs, teachers, students and parents.
  • We have been in a miserable weather pattern for much of the past two weeks but it looks like we are about to break out of it by the middle of the week and have a few nice days of mild fall weather with sunshine and temperatures in the upper 60s.
  • I know Steve Cohen can’t hit, field or pitch but he’s the best acquisition the Mets have had in what seems like a lifetime. The new owner of the team does not just have deep pockets, he has a passion for the Mets as a lifelong fan as is his wife.  Plus he never gave Bernie Madoff a nickel.
  • Saturday’s Donovan Catholic-Southern football game was a great one and it was also the last for Joe Gomulka as the Griffins athletic director. He is not retiring but going to spend most of his time at their athletic field complex on Whitty Road.  Tom Moriau, who has most recently been the Athletic Director at St. Joseph Grade School and before that worked at the Ranney School for nearly 30 years, will take Gomulka’s spot at the high school.
  • A couple of days early we got to celebrate my mother’s 93rd birthday on Sunday. Special thanks to Wallach’s Farm Market & Deli for providing the delicious lunch.  93 is a pretty big number, isn’t it?
  • Can’t explain why but Sean Connery’s death was more than that of just another famous person. Of course he will always be known as James Bond but I liked him in many other roles in movies like “The Hunt for Red October.”, “The Untouchables” and “Entrapment.”  Connery rates a spot on my all-time cool meter along with Steve McQueen and Paul Newman and now they are all gone.



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