How hot is too hot? A new survey asked that exact question, and the answer varies from state to state.

Jamie Squire, Getty Images

According to an analysis of users, the tipping point in New Jersey is 88 degrees. At that level, temperatures are too hot to enjoy.

New Jersey's average response was much lower than in the Southwest and South-Central regions of the country.

It wasn't difficult, though, to find folks in New Jersey with a much higher tolerance for heat than 88 degrees.

"There's no such thing as too hot," said Asbury Park resident Rebecca Perril. "I love it hot; the hotter the better."

Perril said New Jerseyans deserve any heat that Mother Nature can offer, given the brutal winter the state recently experienced.

"I would say 100 with a lot of humidity," said Junior Raisin of Neptune. "The humidity does Jersey wrong."

Humidity was left unmentioned in the survey.

"I can stay outside at 100 degrees and enjoy myself, as long as I'm by a pool or a beach," said Ilyce Williams of Holmdel.

According to Dr. David Robinson, New Jersey State Climatologist at Rutgers University, the city of New Brunswick had 26 days at or above 88 degrees in 2014. The marina in Atlantic City had just two.

In 2010, 66 days hit the 88-degree mark in New Brunswick, compared with 19 in Atlantic City.

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