In a decade when commercialism and capitalism were at their peak, it seemed like any existing TV show, cartoon or character was getting its own holiday special for reasons that weren't always altruistic.

It didn't help that the cost and ease of producing animation had gone down drastically, making it easier for TV networks and companies to take a stab at adapting any property into what they hoped was a timeless holiday classic. From the Smurfs and Pac-Man to the Cabbage Patch Kids and Rambo, pretty much anyone who was anyone got their own "very special" Christmas special in the '80s.

Some of those should be forgotten. You'd be forgiven if you didn't remember that Mr. T and Emmanuel Lewis of Webster starred in a random Christmas special with the Radio City Rockettes and David Copperfield.

Some of these Christmas TV specials, however, should be remembered and honored for trying to do something a little different than sell some extra toys around the holidays. Okay, so maybe He-Man & She-Ra: A Christmas Special was just trying to sell toys, but we'll get to why even that deserves a cherished spot on the below list of the Most Awesome '80s Christmas TV Specials.

The Most Awesome '80s Christmas TV Specials

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