So what is worse, a lack of patience or a lack of caring by those causing you to lose your patience?  Let me cite a few examples that I’ve personally experienced and I would guess some of you have as well:

  • You’re in the express lane at ShopRite with two items and the woman in front of you appears to be in violation of the maximum number of items for that lane. While you’re frustrated by this you mind you own business but then she makes no move to get her purse out until the very end and begins fishing for exact change…”wait a second I know I have a nickel and penny here.”  By this time you’re breaking into a cold sweat.
  • You’re at the Dunkin (I dropped the Donuts because they are) drive-thru simply wanting a cup of hot coffee. The person in front of you not only orders a box of donuts but also a large box of Munchkins.  You would think an assortment would be fine but no…”give me five glazed, ten chocolate, ten powdered…wait a second.  Can you make that ten glazed, five chocolate and five cinnamon.”  Can I tell you what I’d really like to see them give you?
  • My wife Jane constantly tells me I drive like an old man which I find insulting although I guess at age 66 it’s a fact because I am an old man. However I’m a firm believer that the left lane in any multi-lane roadway is not for those drive at or below the speed limit…it’s for those who want to pass slower drivers.  Nothing tests your patience more than being behind someone on the Garden State Parkway in the left lane holding traffic up because they are doing 55 MPH.  Move over!
  • It’s halftime of a high school football game and you want to get a bottle of water at the concession stand. You get to the front of the line but are behind five kids around 10 years out who are debating what to get with the money they have.  They order two hot dogs, three pretzels, drinks and candy and start putting their dollar bills and change on the counter.  By this point I just pay for it and tell them to keep their money.  The bottle of water costs me $22.50 which makes me feel like I’m at a Broadway show.

I could go on but you get the point.  Yes I (and you) should be more patient but at the same time how about others showing a bit of caring for those behind them!

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