Let's face it, having a good work-life balance is so important for our well-being. Unfortunately, those of us living in the United States don't have it nearly as good as those in other countries around the world.

One area we particularly need to improve in is the amount of PTO, or personal time off, we allow employees every year. According to a recent story, The United States is second to last when it comes to the average amount of time off we can take per year, and we're not much better here in New Jersey (Click here to check out the full story).

But aside from that, there are many other areas we can improve to help make our work-life balance better here in the Great Garden State. There's honestly no reason why New Jersey can't lead the country by creating a better work-life balance and being a model for others to follow.

Check out this list of items that New Jerseyans deserve to have in the workplace as we move toward the future.

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