America on Tap

America On Tap is coming to Seaside Park next month on August 6th. If you're attending the event you might think you know everything there is to know about beer. This list uncaps some common beer myths.

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    MYTH: Beer is better served ice cold

    FACT: Flavors emerge with a bit of warmth

    Contraire to popular belief, having your beer be ‘as cold as the Rockies’ is not the best way to enjoy a brew. At a slightly warmer temperature you will be able to enjoy the flavors better. Ideal temperature also depends on the style of beer you’re drinking. If you order a draft, the best thing to do is hold the cold glass in your hands for a couple of minutes for a better temperature.

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    MYTH: Draft beer is better than bottled or canned beer


    If you are confident that the bar properly cleans its draft lines then go for it! If you don’t trust the bar’s cleanliness than you’re better off ordering a bottle or a can to avoid consuming TONS of nasty bacteria.

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    MYTH: Bottled beer is better than canned beer

    FACT: Canned beer is actually BETTER than bottled beer

    Think about canned food; it lasts a long time. Cans are better at sealing out sunlight and air. The sunlight that green or clear bottles let in result in the ‘skunking’ and air can sneak under the cap and give it a cardboard taste.

  • 4

    MYTH: Beer should be drunk straight from the bottle

    FACT: You’re better off pouring it into a glass

    This allows you to get the most out of the flavors and aromas from the brew. It also lets you avoid the metallic taste from where the cap was at the top of the bottle.

  • 5

    MYTH: Dark beers have a higher alcohol content than light beers.

    FACT: There is no correlation

    The alcohol content depends on the beer, not the color. The darkest beer in the US is Guinness, which only has 4.2 percent alcohol. Bud Light Platinum on the other hand is a light beer with 6 percent alcohol by volume.

  • 6

    MYTH: Wine is better for you than beer

    FACT: Nope!

    Whether you believe it or not, a Bamforth test proved that beer has more antioxidants that stimulate fat oxidation than wine.

  • 7

    MYTH: America is a ‘second-class’ beer nation

    FACT: Not so much

    The US has IPA’s and stouts that other countries don’t. According to the Brewers Association, America has 2,126 breweries and 97 percent qualify as “craft.” Move over Europe!

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