How can it be August 1st already?  If you are one who considers summer at the shore to be from Memorial Day to Labor Day than it’s 63 days down and only 35 to go.

I admit to being a “glass is half empty kind of guy” so to me signs of summer ending are everywhere or maybe I’m just looking for them.  Anyway here is why I know that summer is truly in the home stretch:

  • The back-to-school ads are everywhere on TV and radio, in the newspaper. Clothes, shoes, backpacks, shop now or you can’t get the cool ones your kids need.  That’s why I favor school uniforms, everyone is either cool or uncool together.
  • Sort of on the same subject: bathing suits are on sale everywhere.
  • You can count the days until the word Halloween is mentioned. Actually it already has but I’m ignoring it for as long as possible.
  • On July 1st sunrise was at 5:32 a.m. and sunset was at 8:29 p.m. Today sunrise is 5:56 a.m. and sunset is 8:09 p.m, daylight is fading fast!   By the end of this month the sun will set at 7:29 p.m.
  • People are starting to plan Labor Day weekend, a sure sign that summer is coming to an end.
  • College students, especially those who play sports and/or head south are getting ready to leave which means some summer businesses will be struggling for help.
  • I’m already dreading the thought of non-summer clothes and being judged on wearing white after Labor Day.
  • My fantasy football league has scheduled its draft.
  • The Lakewood BlueClaws only have 18 home games left this season.
  • We are starting to run out of shows to binge watch on Netflix and Hulu to fill the gap before fall TV shows return.
  • High school football practice officially begins next Monday.
  • Broken sandals from overuse are left by the beach. Before too long broken beach chairs will be left as well.


For those of you who believe the glass is always half full then enjoy this final full month of summer and even the three weeks left in September…I’ll be wiping away my tears.

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