Covid-19 really has changed things, everywhere.

Vaccines seem to be a little easier to get these days, so some of the nervousness might stop. But we still need to wear masks and wash our hands 36,000 times a day.

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It's been a tough year and a half, losing friends and family members to this horrible virus, worrying about getting sick, people losing their jobs, and not seeing our families and hugging each other. Businesses were lost in Ocean County and all over the world.

Let's hope we'll see more improvement as we head towards the summer here at the Jersey Shore, we all deserve that.

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We will still see the masks in stores and hanging in the cars for a while. While we have to still keep our distance when we head out to a store and restaurants, we can at least go out to eat again at our favorite restaurant.

There are people still afraid to leave their house. Remembering a year ago and not really knowing what is happening. Did you wash your hands more than ever? We did projects at our house that we probably wouldn't have done without Covid-19. It was funny, one day last year, around this time, we actually bought some puzzles and we are not puzzle people. But, we did them. Sure maybe they were only 45-50 pieces, we still did it.

I'm sure we all still wash our hands all the time and sanitize when we leave a store. I don't wash down everything after coming home from the grocery store, anymore.

As we look forward, we thank all the healthcare professionals who ARE our heroes and hopefully see a brighter future for all of us at the Shore and beyond.

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