So many things we have seen during 2020 and during this pandemic are things we never thought we’d ever see and now we don’t even give them a second thought they’ve become so routine.

We thought we would highlight some of those surreal moments that in this oddest of years have become commonplace for us.

So we present the 5 Things You Always See Now That You Never Imagined You’d Ever See..

(1) Everyone’s A Bank Robber...Did you ever imagine a day when you’d see a grown man walk into a bank with a mask on and be welcomed with open arms? Now it happens every day.

(2) Is That Seat Taken...The thought that you’d watch a regular season baseball game with a completely empty stadium away something that never even crossed your mind. Until now. Have you seen foul balls bouncing around empty seats just looking for someone to take them home? It’s sad.

(3) All Of Your Co-Workers Kitchens...Sure, you’re good friends with a co-worker or two, and you’ve been to their houses. But now thanks to Zoom you know what Every single co-worker’s kitchen looks like, and that’s just too much information. And you’ve met most of their dogs, too.

(4) Toilet Paper Fights...Of all the things to come out of this unbelievable time we’re living through, one of the most bizarre is a real fear your family would run out of toilet paper. Pretty sure you didn’t see that one coming.

(5)Happy To See No Parking Spots In July...As locals, it’s just part of living at the Shore to know that we’ll lose half the summer trying to get a parking spot to visit a beach that we live 5 minutes from. But this summer, the fact that we are having a summer and giving businesses a chance to survive and locals a chance to get back to work has to make us feel better about it.

And those are just some of the oddities and surprises that Spring and Summer 2020 have brought our way. Here’s to hoping that our next Top 5 list will be about things getting back to a bit of normalcy. And that can’t happen soon enough.

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