A Michigan Door Dash driver put the classic drop rule into effect when he accidentally dropped a pizza, stuffed it back in the box and delivered it.

The ordeal started when Rodney King Jr. of Detroit ordered the pizza because he and his wife were tired and didn't want to cook dinner.

The doorbell cam revealed that the Door Dash driver was carrying it in a way that the toppings would slide off, and then he dropped the pizza, picked it up and delivered it anyway.

Rodney said his heart sank as the pizza hit the ground, knowing he wouldn't be able to eat it, and then continued watching as the driver scooped it up, stuffed it back in the box and delivered it anyway.

Rodney seems to have a pretty good attitude about it, but filed a complaint because he was out 15 bucks, and still hungry. Door Dash has given Rodney a full refund, and the driver has been "deactivated".

The story has already prompted a reaction video by a guy named Door Dash dad, who riffs on the dude, and it ain't good.





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