Sometimes it's easy to forget that we live in an area where many people call 'vacation'. We've got miles of beautiful beaches, dozens of parks, and tons of entertainment all within a short drive. In a nutshell, we've got a lot going for us. That being said, there are a handful of things that can really ruin an otherwise beautiful day.

Here are our Top 5: 

  • Shawn Michaels
    Shawn Michaels


    OK, truth be told I don't hate squirrels. Actually, I find them cute and event pleasant most of the time. HOWEVER, if you've ever tried to plant ANYTHING in your backyard, you know the feeling of utter devastation when you realize that the garden you've invested your blood, sweat, and tears into has been obliterated by a couple of rascally squirrels.

  • Getty Images
    Getty Images


    MINE? MINE? MINE? The writers of Finding Nemo really captured the essence of these greedy birds. Good luck eating anything on the beach without being harassed by a flock of these entitled creatures who clearly don't obey the 10 Commandments of the Beach. And don't be surprised if afterward they decide to make your head their personal toilet.

  • Getty Images, Sean Gallup
    Getty Images, Sean Gallup


    Once you've made it past the seagulls and into the water, there's another unforeseen creature waiting to ruin your day: the dreaded jellyfish. Of course, there are many varieties of jellyfish - and some imposters that aren't jellyfish at all - but even the harmless ones give me the heebie jeebies. And if it's the kind that can sting? That's one unpleasant day.

  • ErikKarits


    So you've somehow managed to avoid the seagulls and jellyfish. Your chair is out, umbrella is up, and you're finally ready to stick your toes into the sand for that much-needed R & R. Nothing can ruin this moment. Except for one thing that can and will absolutely ruin the moment. Those God-forsaken greenhead flies. A west-wind on an otherwise gorgeous day will bring these annoying jerks your way and will make you wish you were anywhere but the beach.

  • Getty Images
    Getty Images


    You won't find a ton of these bloodsuckers on the beach, but they're practically everywhere else. The Asian Tiger Mosquito has ushered in a completely new enemy of New Jersey. These things are so abundant and aggressive that they will move an entire BBQ indoors within minutes. I'm normally not a violent person, but can we just eradicate these things from the face of the Earth?

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