I had a lovely afternoon yesterday being a guest on The Chat. The Chat is a talk show produced by the students of Central Regional High School.

The crew included Joey Raccuia, James Coffey, Alexa Daily and Kathleen Junkerman as hosts, directed and produced by their teachers Mr. Mark Mac and Ms. Leslie Mangold, along with Vinny Viespoli and Nick Bachione behind the scenes.

Let me first say this is how it started, I got there a little early carrying a big bag with mashed potatoes, paper plates and utensils (another story). With Norman in tow on a leash and as I'm walking in HUNDREDS of kids are walking out. FIRE DRILL!! Are they making kids taller today? LOL

Now for the show itself, it was so much fun. We discussed quite a number of topics in 30 minutes and honestly I prefer being behind a mic instead of being in front of a camera. I give these young adults so much credit, I can see them going far in life. Again, I thank you, and as soon as I get the video I will post it so everyone can enjoy these talented kids. I can say kids because I'm old enough to be all their grandmas.


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