It's lunchtime in the office and we all know those weird smells that come with certain foods.  Fish seems to be the biggest offender, but you'd be surprised by the scents that bother some people.  For instance, I am a big lover of popcorn.  In as much as I get up at 4AM, come 8AM, for a normal person 4 hours later would be lunchtime and I throw a bag of popcorn in the microwave.  For me, this is totally normal.  But there was a certain co-worker that everytime I popped my corn, he would come ranting down the hallway and actually once put out a memo "no popcorn before 10AM" because it made him sick!  Not mentioning any names ::cough:: Kevin Williams.  For ME, the smell of cheerios and milk makes me sick to my stomach!  For a full list of the most offensive foods, read the full article HERE. What food makes you go UGGHHH?  Leave a comment below.

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