Yesterday was not a fun day to travel around at the Jersey Shore. Conditions ranged from bad to horrible during the storm, and that just accented how bad some drivers really are in the Garden State.

I know a lot of people get really nervous, and understandably so, but that's not what I'm talking about. The bad driving that infuriates me involves laziness, self importance and just a lack decency.

Most people at the Jersey Shore are careful and courteous, but the small percentage who aren't really mess it up for the rest of us.

Here are 3 things bad Jersey Shore drivers do in the snow, and I saw each several times yesterday alone.

The snow and ice defying speeder. This guy has the attitude that nothing is going to slow him down, not Mother Nature, and not your car or anyone else's. He (or she) thinks he can do 70 on a snowy Parkway, and that just puts everyone in danger.

The windshield only snow cleaner. This is a personal pet peeve of mine. I actually saw a car on the Garden State Parkway yesterday with the front windshield cleaned off and that was it. The rear window, and all the side windows were completely covered with an inch or so of snow, They couldn't possibly see anything, and they were breaking the law.

The angry snow tailgater. You're driving along at a safe speed on a snowy road and some idiot decides you're not going fast enough, so he (or she) gets right on your bumper as if to tell you that this self important jerk has more of a right to be dangerous on the road than you do to be safe.

We all drive a little differently, and yes, there are people who overdo it with a caution on a snowy road that borders on paranoia, and that's dangerous too, but for today we're focusing on the dangerous aggressive Top 3.

So hopefully it doesn't snow again and we don't have to worry about this anymore this season, but if it does, and you do anything in this top 3, you should change your ways, for your safety, and the safety of the rest of us.

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