There are things about New Jersey that not everyone in New Jersey knows. And one publication has dug them up. Do you know about them them?

You would figure that if there are places of interest in the Garden State worthy of mention to the rest of the world, we here in the Garden State would be aware of them and probably have visited them, but you might just be surprised.

Let's check out some of these New Jersey highlights that were found by Reader's Digest, and let's see if you've been there.

Oldest Tourist Attraction...The Nothnagle Log Cabin. If you've never been there, you're not alone. I never even heard or it, but it sounds really awesome. It was built in Gibbstown (in Gloucester County) around 1640, and you can get a tour.

Craziest World Record In New Jersey. New Jersey is home to the world record of most holes in one tongue. Yep, a guy named Francesco has 20 tongue piercings and holds the world record.

Most Common Last Name In New Jersey. Before you make your Johnson, Williams or Smith jokes, you should know the actual most common last names in the Garden State are Johnson, Williams and Smith. (Smith is the most common).

Thanks to Reader's Digest for shining the spotlight on some of the most unique aspects of the place we call home and the state we love. You learn something new every day, right?

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