As Jersey Shore residents, we all, at one time or another, become ambassadors of our corner of the world during tourism season, but there are some questions that I'm sick of hearing.

We are often called on by total strangers to be local experts for those who are vacationing here, and we will answer just about any question. But there are some questions that just don't need to be asked...or answered.

Here are three questions we can all do without hearing here at the Jersey Shore this summer.

(1) Which direction is the beach? The answer is east, always east and forever east. There are only two options (a) go east or (b) you're there.

(2) Is this a good restaurant? I'm here with my family waiting 20-30 minutes for a table. Yes, it's good. And if it was October, I'd already be half done with my lasagna by now, thank you very much.

(3) Is this spot open? You're on the beach in a good spot with a little space around you because you got there early, and some tourists are now hopping over everyone's towels at 11:00am trying to squeeze in. Translated, the question really is, 'I'm gonna park my loud family eight inches away from you, you got a problem with that"?

I'm sure there are more questions we shouldn't have to answer. If you have a favorite, put it in the comments. Outside of these questions, we're pretty good about sharing info and sharing our hometown with our friends from neighboring states. Welcome to summer 2018.

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