It was a call they probably were not expecting.

The Monmouth County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Eatontown received a call from police Wednesday about a 2,500-pound bison on the loose in Marlboro.

The bison, who the SPCA said, for fun, has been named "Bison-tennial" resides on a farm a few miles away with other bison. He somehow escaped the sanctuary and was just roaming around town.

The Humane Law Enforcement and Animal Control team managed to contain and safely tranquilize the animal and get him back to his home, according to the SPCA's Facebook page.

They say he's in ideal body condition. He is a pet and so are the other bison on the farm. They are not raised for meat.

"Thanks to the quick response and planning from our team, no humans or animals were harmed, and when this giant horned fluffernutter wakes up, he'll be home sweet home," the SPCA wrote on its social media page.

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