It's National Picnic Month. We have some beautiful spots for the perfect picnic.

Picnics can be for the whole family or just a simple romantic picnic. We have some spots that are just absolutely beautiful.

Here are the "perfect" picnic spots in Ocean County:

10 Best Picnic Spots in Ocean County

What do you think of when you think picnic? I think hamburgers and hot dogs. I know, you're thinking - Sue - that's a BBQ. YES, it is but my family always called our BBQ's picnics.

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A picnic to me as an adult may be a sub sandwich from Wawa or sandwiches from home. A cheese tray with my favorite beverage, that's perfect.

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Several of these suggestions of "Best Picnic Spots in Ocean Couty" came from and some friends and co-workers that love heading to the beach after 5 pm for their dinner at the beach.

Just like me, that's the perfect time to go to the beach, after 5, as it's emptying out for the day, you don't have to pay, it's cooler, and the sunset is absolutely gorgeous.

If you've never done a picnic after 5 at your local beach, try it. You will love it. One thing, please don't swim, there are no lifeguards on the beach at that time. But, you can still have a delicious picnic. We live in the perfect place, Ocean and Monmouth Counties, with beaches and parks with beautiful waterways to enjoy a picnic with the family.

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