A measure moving through the state legislature would assist emergency care workers at the scene of motor vehicle accidents and other road emergencies. State Senator Richard Codey (D) said he hopes the “Yellow Dot Program” becomes law in 2012.

“There is no doubt that this kind of program will save lives,” said Codey. “It is a simple, easy way to provide much-needed medical information.”

The legislation would allow motorists of any age to place a yellow sticker on their vehicles in order to notify emergency responders that critical health information is available in the glove compartment, in case the driver is unable to communicate during an emergency. Information would include such things as medical conditions, hospital preferences and emergency contact information.

“This program is being done in other states, so there is every reason to hope we can bring it here to New Jersey,” Codey explained.

Codey said the program would cost “virtually nothing” for the state; it was not yet known whether the sticker would have a fee.

Forms to obtain the stickers would be available online, as well as at motor vehicle agencies.