TRENTON — Fourth of July hasn't come early to the state's capital. The city is just using bright lights, fireworks and loud noises to scare away massive groups of crows that have settled for the winter.

According to a release from Trenton police, they will be working with the USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service's Wildlife Services to use "hazing/harassment methods" on the thousands of crows wintering on public properties.

The operation takes place between 4 p.m. and 9 p.m, starting Tuesday and lasting for two weeks. It's goal is to break up the crows into smaller groups by using lasers, recordings of crow distress calls and spotlights.

The birds create loud noises and leave behind large amounts of feces. The are also health concerns about disease, according to police.

According to the Facebook page Anticrow, which is "dedicated to keeping the crows from roosting and s*****g all over Trenton,"  the group said that the city  has not taken any action until now because there was not enough money in the budget.

Scott Miller, who ran created the Facebook page, said it was hard to get attention to the crow issue because they nest in the evening when the city empties out. He said the problem was worse last year but the trees in front of his house where they next have been taken down since last year.

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