On Sunday night, the Broncos and Seahawks will be battling for the most coveted trophy in pro football…the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

It is named after the legendary Packers coach who guided his teams to the first two Super Bowl championships and is considered by most the greatest coach in NFL history.

Lombardi is a native New Yorker but has strong ties to New Jersey. He coached high school football here and is buried at the Mount Olivet cemetery in Middletown (Monmouth County).

What may surprise you is that there is a connection between Lombardi, his gravesite and longtime Lacey Township High School coach Lou Vircillo.

As part of an NFL Films feature on Lombardi titled: “6 Boroughs Experience” Production Assistant Vincent D’Anton of Toms River pitched the story angle that included Vircillo and it’s included in the New Jersey segment.

Check out the video here.