I’m struggling with a big decision I have to make.

Kevin's office wall (Kevin Williams, Townsquare Media NJ)

Our offices and studios are being repainted which is a big job because we occupy three floors of what some of us affectionately call the Townsquare Tower in downtown Toms River.  The painting crew is working at night and on weekends when the office is closed and in 2-3 days will have completed the 2nd floor which is where our reception area is along with conference rooms and sales and promotions offices.

Next up will likely be the third floor and that’s where I reside in a 12’ by 10’ office that is filled with 38 years worth of memories and yes clutter.  The walls are covered with pictures and plaques. Autographed photos of Johnny Unitas, Tom Seaver and Al Leiter, one with my son and brother at the Orange Bowl, CitiField (home of the Mets) and Beaver Stadium (home of Penn State football).  There is less open real estate in my office then on the beach in Coney Island on Fourth of July weekend.

At some point in the next 48-72 hours I will probably have to take everything down and find a place to store it all for a few days.  Then I will have to box other “stuff” to prepare for the painters.  The big decision though is what goes back up after the painting is done because I need to use this as a time to cleanse my office.

Kevin's office wall (Kevin Williams, Townsquare Media NJ)

For months as “stuff” (what a great word) kept piling up I said that once we got around to painting I would get around to reorganizing and now that time is here and I’m not prepared mentally or emotionally.  I like looking at everything and having it bring back memories.

That autographed picture of Brooks Robinson from when I interviewed him at a baseball camp run by Ken Frank and the late Al Fantuzzi.  That picture with my kids from the World Series two years ago, the scoreboard at Madison Square Garden during a Knicks game wishing me a happy 40th birthday thanks to my wife, Mark Messier hoisting the Stanley Cup, the Bill King caricature of me when I was honored by the Girl Scouts.

What to do, what to do.  Fall cleanup is about to begin so fasten your seat belts because it will not be a smooth ride.