After signing an exclusive deal with The Weinstein Company, "The Artist" and other Oscar contenders will soon be available for instant streaming on Netflix

That's right - there is now no need to go out and rent many of these award-winning films or wait until they are available on cable stations because they will be available for instant viewing for any Netflix members.

Among the other high-profile Oscar contenders that will be available will be "Undefeated", "W.E." and "Coriolanus".

This is a big win for Netflix, after the big controversy when they recently unfavorably restructured their membership plans.  This deal may not win back all of their members, but it is certainly a step in regaining the audience's confidence in the company.

How Do You Watch Movies?

Do you mostly watch movies in theaters, from a video store, on TV, on your computer or from Netflix?  Or maybe a combination of all or a few?