To me it’s without question the best holiday of the year and more than ever a day we should try to enjoy and savor. Thanksgiving celebrates what is good in life while of course reminding us about the sad reality that it’s not that way everywhere and for everyone.

Let’s face it just about everyone who wants to can celebrate Thanksgiving, regardless of race or religion and to me it’s just about perfect because it was a pure holiday with little or no commercialization.


Those old enough remember that if you had to travel you filled up your tank the night before because finding a gas station open was not always easy. If you were lucky you had a convenience store close enough if you needed anything last minute but that was pretty much it.

Now, unfortunately, more and more retail chains have decided they can’t go a day without grabbing some cash so on a day they should be closed and their employees enjoying the holiday with their families many will open their doors. Let’s face have to get a jump on the other guy when it comes to the Christmas shopping season. Sad….really sad.


Fortunately for most it’s a day that will feature what I call the four F’s….family, food, football and fun. Whether you have to travel or will remain home it’s a time for families to reunite and often renew traditions that have in many cases passed down from one generation to the other. For some the day will start by attending a high school football game, among them Manasquan at Wall. As if often does that game will determine a division champion and it will be broadcast on WOBM AM 1160 & 1310.

Some may opt to not go to a football game but have their own in the backyard as they look to work up an appetite. Most actually prefer to crash on the couch and watch the three NFL games that will dominate the TV from noon to late in the night.

Eating is not done as a meal but rather in stages that often takes hours from beginning to end. You try and adopt the philosophy that this not a sprint but a marathon but before you know it you’re filling up and the turkey hasn’t even hit the table yet.


I will be doing something a bit different this year…heading to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York and actually eating dinner in the city. I’m sure I will have a full report on Monday.

Regardless of where you are and what you do this is a day second to none. It may be harder than ever to give thanks for our blessings and we may have to search to find the good things in life but they are out there. Just put down the fork for a moment and look around and you’ll find something to be thankful for….family and friends. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!