TOMS RIVER - The young buck that took advantage of the sunshine and surprising mid-October warmth to go for a swim off Ortley Beach today is still hangin' on the sand - much to the curiosity of oceanfront passers-by, and to the consternation of Toms River animal control officers.

Deer at the beach 10-18-17 (Toms River PD)

"We have spent the better part of today trying to coax a deer to leave the land of sun and fun and make his way back to the woods,. We are trying our very best to get him home," said Toms River PD spokesman Ralph Stocco.

Meanwhile, its travels have taken it only a short distance in about seven hours, from Ortley to the Seaside Heights border, near the CVS on the north end of town.

Deer at the beach 10-18-17 (Toms River PD)


"Helping us are the New Jersey State Police Marine Unit, Seaside Heights Police department, and Toms River Animal Control.  The New Jersey Department of Fish, Game, and Wildlife, who are not on site, are consulting with the local participating agencies."

Video captured by James and Laurie Starace appeared in Starace related that the deer seemed tired, repeatedly venturing into the waves and returning to dry sand.

Aside from that, the creature seems fine - if only these pesty people would find something else to do.

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