Some shore towns welcome proposed school fairness formula
The planned fairness school funding formula being proposed by Governor Chris Christie will have unique impacts on every school district and every township municipality should it become a reality, but it could devastate the abbot districts and the towns they're in who may be left scrambling for …
Shore Superintendents weigh in on ‘School Funding Formula’
Governor Chris Christie's plan to provide the same amount of aid per student is drawing opinion from both sides of the proverbial coin from various superintendents in New Jersey. Here at the shore growing voices are weighing in on whether they feel this proposed funding formula is fair or not f…
New Jerseyites Weigh In On Political Name-Calling
Governor Chris Christie made headlines recently when he called a legislator "numb-nuts".  As a result, a Fairleigh Dickinson University PublicMind poll was conducted by residents of New Jersey asking what was appropriate and inappropriate.  Take a look at the results.